Oct 02 Storage Tip – Labels Out, Visible, and Accessible

Labeling is so important to making certain your moving and storage experience is smooth and stress-free. Keeping all boxes labeled by room makes it easier for movers or friends who are helping you to relocate your items to know where to put them in your new space.

However, take this method a step further. If you're looking for a specific item during the unpacking process or if you only need particular items from your storage unit, it helps to have a general idea of where to look. Label your boxes by room, but also have a general list of items on the outside of the box, such as "Living Room," then an itemized list, like "coffee table books, statues, coasters," to allow you to know exactly what is in your box. Leaving room for an aisle in your storage unit allows you to easily walk through, read the boxes, and access your most needed items.

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