Feb 03 Long-term Self-Storage Tip

Whether you're storing used furniture for the kids when they venture off to college, or need storage space for an automobile, boat, or laundry and dryer. There are some best practices for long-term storage that will ensure your items endure the span of time, operate and smell good - once taken out of storage.

Make sure all your furniture items are cleaned and dried thoroughly before storage. For example, a little moisture, food crumbs, and debris caught in the crevasses of furniture can cause mold and smells over time. Clean and wax wood areas of your furniture and cover with storage blankets to prevent scratches or damage.

When storing a car, truck or boat, the same best practices of furniture apply to the interior of your vehicles to ensure there are no foul odors when you take your vehicle out of storage. You should also thoroughly wash your vehicle's undercarriage to ensure there are no salts or grim that can corrode or ruin the finish of your vehicle.

Washers and dryers should be cleaned of all laundry chemicals, completely drained of all moisture and lint. Removing all the moisture from your washer helps prevents smells and corrosion. Cleaning all the lint from your dryer before storage will also help prevent trapped moisture, corrosion and smells.

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