Mar 30 Maximizing Storage Unit Space

When you are ready to move into a storage unit, the first thing to do is make a list of what you most likely be storing. Knowing what you plan to put into storage is also helpful in making a decision on the size of your unit. One bedroom of furniture, clothing or an entire living room set, or just a mix and match list of things are just an example.

Once that has been determined and you have rented a space to move into, have a prepping strategy in mind. This is essential to maximize what you are going to store, making use of all space and fitting it all into the space you have rented. Remember you need to make room to navigate your space once packed, and access what you may need first by placing those items closer to the front or at an easy access point.

One way to maximize space if you have a lot of boxes or bins to store, is to put in metal or wood shelving to hold your items. I have found metal shelving that you can set up and take apart which makes it super easy to put into a storage unit, and move with you to your next destination. Wooden shelving also will do a great job. You can place the labels facing out. Some metal shelving can hold up to 12 or more bins or boxes, depending on the size. The other plus with using shelving is that it does not allow your items to sit directly on the floor, which adds another layer of protection. It will not pull the cold, heat or moisture from the ground up into the box or bin, which is essential if you are using an outside storage unit.

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