Mar 30 Gas Powered Items for Storage

In the event that you are planning to store any lawn equipment, hoses, or even possibly a refrigerator, there are steps to take before bringing this for storage. Any gas powered equipment should be completely drained of gasoline, cleaned and dried prior to storing. This allows for a safer storage experience for not only you, but for everyone at the storage center. If you have outdoor hoses to store, they need to be drained of all water, dried and contained in a manner to make it easy to transport and store. Any lawn items should be clean and dry prior to putting in storage.

Appliances, such as a refrigerator should be emptied, cleaned and dried out prior to putting into a storage unit. You do not want any smelly or mildew situations to surprise you when pulling your items out to use once again. It is even possible to store items inside something like a refrigerator when it is in a storage unit. Leaving the door open is another way to allow air circulation when this item is being stored.

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