Apr 29 Spring Cleaning Storage Space

This time of year many people are working on an annual spring cleaning activities. This could also lead to an increase in storage units being rented. Due to that possibility, this tip will be geared more toward those who are new to self storage.

Preparing and filling a self storage unit can be an art in itself. To get started, once you have chosen the size of your unit - stocking up on packing supplies is important. You will need to consider purchasing boxes, packaging tape, plastic bins, vacuum seal bags, bubble wrap, packing paper, labels and possibly a sharpie.

When packing your belongings, you can invest in plastic storage bins that you can write on the bin or make a label to write what the contents are. This will save time in the future knowing what is in each bin, and protect your items during storage. Plastic bins will also reduce the risk of pests finding their way inside the bin, while protecting from moisture.

Another tip is to put pallets on the ground and stack your boxes and bins on the pallets. This is just one way to go about filling your storage unit. Remember to make an aisle for walking through as you fill it up, you will want access to some of your items throughout your storage usage.

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