May 30 Making an Aisle

Once you pick a storage unit and begin the move in process, you may be tempted to throw everything in your unit as quickly as possible. This can be problematic in the long run. Remember to pack efficiently to maximize the space you are using for storage.

One recommendation is to make an Aisle down the middle of your storage unit. When making an aisle, stack all your boxes, labels facing out toward the aisle so you can see what is in each box. This makes it easier to know where your times were placed, and how you can find them in a short amount of time. It also reduces digging or moving boxes to get to what you are looking for.

Having an aisle for quick access makes retrieving items the best method and fastest in our opinion. Think of it like shopping, where it is easy to see what is available and easy to find.

If you are storing clothing for the summer, please keep in an airtight type of bag or box to keep out any unwanted moisture or smells. Make sure the clothing is washed and ready for safe keeping for a few months. These items could go on the top of your stack in your aisle.

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