May 29 College Student Storage Tip

Do you need extra space this summer? Do you have a college student home for the summer or just need to store things for the short term?

The first thing to decide is how much you have that needs storage, and how much space you need to keep this in for the short or long term. Once you have determined the amount of items to store and the size you want to rent, the next step is packing it up. Make sure to label and list what is in each box or container. Please see our other tips on packing, labeling, stacking, protecting your belongings and so forth.

For college students, storing items can be a smooth transition from dorm room to storage for the summer. Eventually moving back in at school should be easy knowing you have most of your needed items in one place. This also makes sure that you are not cluttering up your parents house for the short term.

The cost of storing items for the summer can be minimal in comparison to having to rent an apartment or rent a room for a few months. This is still a move, so make sure you have a family member or friend help you move out of your college lodging and into the storage unit. If you have a lot to store, hiring a moving company might be a better option to consider.

We recommend not sharing your access code to others and make sure to use a strong lock on your unit to keep all your items safe and secure.

Students who are home for the summer may benefit the most from short term storage of their belongings.

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