Jun 29 Create A Detailed Inventory List of Your Storage Items

Before you pack your valuable items away to store, create a detailed inventory list. Information you might include is the type of item, the number (if more than one), the value and condition. Keep an electronic copy of the inventory on file for quick reference and also print out a couple copies and put them away in different places or pass one onto a loved one for safe keeping.

Before you pack your items away into your storage unit, also be sure to wash them, as well as disinfect or remove any stains and make sure they are thoroughly dry. This helps to prevent future moisture damage and/or mold growth. If you are storing leather, treat the item(s) with leather conditioner. Wrap fragile glass or pottery items in soft packing paper. Acid-free paper is available at many hobby shops if an item could become discolored or is a special antique.

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