Aug 17 Store Your Camping or Outdoor Sports Gear

Consider keeping your backpacks, tents, campfire chairs and other outdoor equipment toward the front of your storage unit. You may want to store it now but grab it quickly when the next adventure calls.

Before putting your tent away, make sure it's dry and pack it loosely in a large pillowcase or mesh bag. Organize packs and sleeping bags by size, so you can grab the correct one(s)for your next weekend or extended trip. Keep flashlights, headlights and fishing lights together and be sure to remove batteries before storing so they don't erode. To store camping kitchen equipment, keep mugs, pots, pans, utensils, dishware and dish rags all in one handy bin. Carefully label the outside of all your bins.

A tall laundry basket works well to store long oars, hiking sticks, poles or any other tall, vertical equipment. Store smaller items in plastic bins, keeping like gear together, including by season. Baseball mitts and balls, swimming goggles or scuba diving gear – give it its own bin and clearly label it. Take a quick photo of the sport or adventure it matches and tape that to the outside of the bin. If mildew is a concern, throw in a couple packs of desiccant (like DampRid) to keep moisture to a minimum.

To store your bike long-term, consider using a full bike cover. This will keep it dust- and grime-free. It will also offer protection from scraping or scratching when you're in and out of your storage unit.

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