Aug 18 Protect Your Seasonal Outdoor Furniture in Your Storage Unit

Your outdoor patio furniture is an investment and it will last a long time when you properly protect it. Before you move your furniture to your storage unit, remove any cushions or fabric covers and launder them. Throw in a little bleach, if the label allows, to kill mildew. Once clean and dry, stack them in a clean, dry place up off of the floor and cover the stack with a cloth (not plastic) tarp.

Wash your umbrella fabric with mild detergent and a brush. Let it dry in an open position and store it in a closed position. Before putting it away, lubricate any switches, locks and pivots. Wash your rope hammock in the washing machine before storing it. Dry it thoroughly and fold it before putting it in a plastic bin.

For metal furniture, wash and scrub everything with a good brush, detergent and water and rinse well. Inspect all surfaces for rust. If you find any, before putting it in your storage unit, treat the area with a rust-neutralizing primer. Smooth the treated area with steel wool then apply spray paint as needed. Wash and rinse plastic resin furniture with detergent and rinse.

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