Sep 29 Help Stage and Sell Your Home by Storing Excess Items

If you are in the market to sell your home, you want to make a great first impression. "Staging" your home by moving items into your storage unit can create a clean, uncluttered appearance. Your favorite belongings may be the ones you most need to temporarily set aside. Your crystal glass, gnome or antique collections, for example, may not appeal to potential home buyers. And excess books, family photos and accessories covering walls and shelves can all be deterrents to potential buyers. Pack them carefully in labeled boxes and put them in your storage unit for your future residence.

If your closets are bursting with clothing, shoes, bedding and towels, select what you need and pack the rest in labeled boxes. Also consider overstuffed drawers or cabinets in your kitchen or home office. You can store and move these beloved items to your new home once a sale is finalized.

After you have walked through the inside of your home with a discriminating eye and reduced the clutter, walk around the outside. Your storage unit is an ideal place to temporarily "hide" yard equipment and overabundant lawn d├ęcor, which can also distract those who might consider making an offer on your property.

Using your storage unit to reduce and declutter your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers is a smart way to make the most of your resources. Accomplishing this part of the task will make the rest of the staging process easier.

The next phase of staging includes repairing or replacing key components (cabinets, lighting fixtures) and thoroughly cleaning your home. This may include painting rooms or all walls within your home. Outside, you may need to pressure wash or paint fences, trim, driveways and the inside of your garage. For added appeal, the front door and entrance way to your home should receive extra TLC.

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