Sep 30 Safely Store Your Computer and Electronic Equipment

If you are in the process of moving, your storage unit is an ideal place to safely store your electronic technology. This may include computer(s), Echo or Alexa voice devices, large and small screen TVs, and vintage DVD/CD players.

Before you move any technology, take a quick photo of the back of the item so you will know how to reconnect the wires when you're ready to set it up in your new residence. Once you have your photo, detach the wiring and accessories, including the keyboard, mouse and speakers. Bundle the wires and label them with coordinating colored stickers for each piece of technology. Put the small components together in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the item.

Choose a large box to pack the item in and make a list of everything it contains. Tape that list to the outside of the box. If you have the original box and packaging material (bubble wrap or popcorn), place your item in that; it will fit perfectly. Wrap computer monitors or TV screens in anti-static foam for added protection. Do NOT wrap a computer in plastic. Put a copy of the wiring photo you took earlier inside the box. Again, if you have Styrofoam popcorn or noodles, add that to the box before sealing it up. Be sure to label all the boxes as "FRAGILE."

When you move your electronic boxes to your storage unit, place them toward the back for added protection. Store them on shelving, up off the ground. Then cover the boxes with a 100-percent cotton sheet or natural canvas. Your electronic equipment is an investment, and your storage unit is a smart place to keep it.

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