Oct 19 Safely Store Your Extra Garage Equipment and Items

Use your storage unit to shelter out of season equipment or hobby items that you might otherwise keep in your garage. If you have a carpentry project, for example, that you know you won't get to for a few months, move the wood and tools to your unit – and park your vehicle in your garage.

As we transition into fall yard care, move your lawn mower, shovels and gardening tools in your storage unit. They will be safe, dry and kept clean until you're ready to pull them out again next spring.

If you have summer toys – riding toys, croquet sets, swimming pool accessories, beach chairs and pails and shovels, coolers that you won't need until next year – bring those to your storage unit as well. It will free up room in your garage to give it a thorough cleaning while your family is in and out of it less frequently.

This also gives you an opportunity to make the existing space more functional. Create zones for specific uses. If you need additional storage space for food and have an extra freezer or refrigerator, that may become your outdoor pantry area, where you can stock up on non-perishable items. Or if you are an avid bike rider, you can create a cycle zone, and install a rack to hang all your family's bikes and helmets, using vertical space to your advantage and getting them up off of the floor.

By safely storing away your extra out-of-season garage equipment and items, you can replenish and redesign your existing garage space and make it work more efficiently moving forward.

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