Dec 22 How to Store Your Antique Furniture

If you've inherited special antique furniture, you understand the importance of taking good care of it.  A treasured great grandparents' rocker, side table or desk set is truly irreplaceable.  Or maybe you are a collector of antique furniture and if you can't display everything at once, you shift pieces in and out of your home?  Although you may want to hold onto it, if you don't have space, you're transitioning or simply want to keep it for the next generation - a storage unit is a smart option.

Although your antique furniture may be functional and collectible, it does require thoughtful care. Understanding how to store antique wood furniture is crucial to this mission. To prevent warping and other damaging environmental effects, here are some tips you'll want to adhere to:

Empty your antique furniture: If you have a china display cabinet or desk with drawers, empty the fragile dishes or trinkets and store those separately. Something left in the furniture could also potentially stain it (ink from a pen, for example).

Apply furniture polish or a coat of wax: To keep this more fragile wood from cracking, apply a liberal coat of wax or polish to keep it nourished while in your storage unit. If it will be kept there for a while, be sure to treat it again in 12 months or less.

Protect your antiques by covering them with natural fabrics: Avoid plastic or bubble wrap to protect your antique furniture. Instead, opt for white cotton sheets to cover them, which are a natural, breathable fabric. The sheets will also be easy to launder. Doing this will prevent dust or debris from getting into the crevices of your furniture while it is in your storage unit.

Elevate your furniture: Raise your furniture up off the ground for safekeeping. Carefully position it on top of cinder blocks or wooden pallets. In the unlikely event that water trickles into your storage unit, your antiques will remain unharmed.

If you take special care of your wooden heirloom or collectible antique furniture, it will provide you with years of service and enjoyment.

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