Dec 23 Storing Paintings and Artwork

You may not be the proud owner of a Renoir, but there is "an art" to protecting your own precious oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings. Your goal should be to shield them from tears, smudges and other results of impact. Distressing events could include intense light, dampness, too much central heat and damage from pets or pests. When you handle a painting, the oils from your skin or residual foods can also have a detrimental impact, so when you move your paintings or artwork into your storage unit, be careful.

When you are packing a painting away for storage, follow these easy steps:

Minimize contact: Create a physical barrier between you and the painting. Consider handling it with white cotton gloves to prepare it for safekeeping in your storage facility.

Wrap it in plastic: Plastic will keep it clean and protect its finish.

Store it in a custom-sized box: Once it is wrapped in plastic, place the painting in Styrofoam and put it in a close-fitting cardboard box. You can create your own box with cardboard and boxcutters.

Out of direct sunlight: Again, your storage unit most likely does not have a window, so there is no danger of the sun damaging your artwork.

If you keep your paintings in your unit, you will be providing the ideal atmosphere for short-term or extended storage.

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