Jan 26 Storing Beloved Books

Whether you’re a bibliophile or an avid collector of old books, there’s an art to storing them in your Mini-Mac unit. 

Whether you are packing them away or putting them on shelves in your unit, follow these easy steps:

Organize by size: Before you put your books into boxes, place them all on a floor or table. Stack them by size and cover (soft or hard together). There should be small, medium and large stacks of both hard and soft cover books. Place like-sized and type books together. Boxes work for short-term storage, but if you plan to store your books for an extended length of time, invest in shelving for them. 

Place them on shelves: If you plan to keep them in your storage unit indefinitely, invest in shelving and arrange them by hard or soft cover and by size (small, medium or large) on the shelving. Be sure the shelving is up off of the floor. Also, make sure the shelving allows for your growing collection, with empty space to add more books. 

Dust them regularly: If you leave them open on a shelf in your storage unit, use a feather duster to give them a quick brush off when you check on your Mini-Mac unit. Or if you think you will not be grabbing any to read in the near future, cover the shelf and books with a large, oversized white cotton sheet or tarp. 

If you store your books carefully in your Mini-Mac unit, you will be providing the ideal atmosphere for short-term or extended storage.

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