Feb 16 Safely Store Your Extra Vehicle or Boat

Whether you live in an apartment or a neighborhood that has covenant restrictions, there are options available to store your extra car, RV or trailer. For mobile businesses that need additional space to park company vehicles, outdoor parking and storage is also an ideal solution. If you do not use the vehicles regularly or parking space is limited, consider this option.

The three general options include uncovered parking space, covered parking space or an indoor storage unit. In many cases, the least costly option might be all you need (uncovered parking space), particularly if you reside in an area where the weather is generally good.

Questions to ask about an outdoor storage facility:

° Is the storage lot in a fenced environment?
° Is it well lit?
° Is there a video camera surveying the property?
° Is there gate access 7 days a week?

Here are types of mobile property to consider storing in a facility:

° Business Trailers
° Tractor / Trailers
° Mobile Businesses
° RVs (Recreational Vehicles) and Equipment
° Boats
° Jet Skis (and Trailers)
° Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and ATVs

Covered vehicle storage includes canopies that provide extra protection against inclement weather.
For indoor vehicle storage, small cars (hatchbacks, crossovers) or boats could fit into a 10'x15' storage unit while 10'x30' could accommodate larger trucks and vans. Motorcycles or jet skis will fit into traditional self-storage units that are a minimum of 10' deep.

Before storing your vehicle, you should bring your registration and proof of insurance. Clean the water tanks, remove gas from the tank, fill up tires, check fuel lines and consider purchasing a fitted vehicle cover if you plan to store it outside. All vehicles should have current license plates. If storing your vehicle or boat long term, you should remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.

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