Mar 16 Storing Photographs, Publications and Media

After subscribing for decades to "Collectible Automobile" or "Travel & Leisure," what's the best way to protect your thick stack of treasured magazines? There are also newspaper clippings about loved ones or – most importantly – heirloom photos of great, great grandparents to preserve. If you've run out of space to store them in your home, consider keeping these precious items in your storage unit.

Photos and publications:
Put photos, magazines or newspapers in an acid-free container that will restrict light from entering (even if you do not have a window in your storage unit). This will help prevent them from degrading. Place acid-free tissue paper around any special photographs or between magazines or newspapers. Carefully place them in like-sized boxes and do not overstuff them. Remember to adhere detailed labels to the outside of the boxes so items will be easy to locate.

DVDs, CDs and videotapes:
Put any DVDs, CDs or videotapes into their original cases. Make sure they are well labeled, particularly if they are homemade movies of family occasions or vacations with friends. Rather than packing them in boxes, place them in airtight bags or containers that seal well. This will help prevent moisture damage.

Remember to keep these items in an area of your storage unit that is easily accessible. Label the boxes or plastic bags using your color-coding system. (For a refresher course on developing your color-coding organizational system, consult "Color Code Your Storage Bins".)

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