Mar 18 Safely Store Your Appliances

Your appliances are expensive investments, and you can protect them by storing them correctly. Begin the process by making an inventory list of your washer and drier, refrigerator, microwave – whatever you will keep in your storage unit for an appointed length of time. This list should include the appliance name, a photo and a Xerox of purchasing documents or warranties.

Clean your appliances before storing
Give your appliances a thorough cleaning before putting them in your storage unit. Carefully dust or wipe down lint filters, grids, tubing – ensuring that they are dry and free of debris. Take special care to make sure hoses or tanks are thoroughly dry. If they are not, they can facilitate issues such as mold or potential breakage from freezing.

Spray the outside of your refrigerator or washing machine with an organic, chemical-free disinfectant that will deter insects or rodents from taking refuge in or around them. After spraying, let it dry thoroughly before moving it into your unit.

Cover your appliances during transport
When you move an appliance to your storage unit, be sure to cover it with wrapping film, bubble wrap or blankets to prevent scratching during the transport process.

Raise appliances off the ground
When you position appliances in your storage unit, keep them upright and place them near the side walls. Pallets help protect them by lifting them off the ground and allowing air to circulate around them. Make sure you use a sturdy pallet designed to hold the appropriate weight.

Keep appliances unplugged
This goes without saying: DO NOT plug any appliances into a power outlet while storing them in your unit.

If you prepare your appliances for safe storage, they will be in optimal working condition when you're ready to retrieve them from your unit.

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