Apr 27 Spring Cleaning Your Storage Unit

Use a microfiber towel and brush across plastic storage boxes, furniture and electronics. Sweep the floor and vacuum the walls and ceiling, if necessary.

Review your inventory:
This is a seasonal opportunity to go through any questionable items in your Mini-Mac Storage Unit and either donate or discard what you no longer want to keep. This allows you to make room to store new items.

Update your item inventory:
Make sure that your boxes or lists reflect any changes in stored items. If you have added additional items, update your lists or colored coded boxes as well. Your goal is to continue to make everything as organized and accessible as possible.

Rotate your belongings:
To keep items from developing creases or creating flat spots on them, consider moving them within the boxes or within your Mini-Mac Storage Unit. Clothing, rugs and linens may need to shift within your unit to refresh them.

Check for odors or moisture:
If you smell any unusual odors or see moisture or water collecting on any boxes, open them and check on your treasures. Look for cracks in your plastic storage bins. You can always refresh or change the cotton covering over boxes, furniture, equipment or appliances and purchase new storage boxes for your items.

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