May 19 Storing Your College Student's Gear

Whether it's a dorm-room full of equipment or an apartment's worth of furniture, safely storing your college student(s) possessions at your Mini-Mac storage unit removes the headache from your house or garage. This is even more important if you have several college students who come home for the summer.

Clean everything thoroughly before storing
Whether it's a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, sofa or bed, give it a good dusting or treat the wood before storing it in your unit for a couple months.

  • Clean small appliances with a soft towel, organic cleanser and water, letting them dry completely.
  • Leave the doors slightly ajar to keep mold or mildew from forming.
  • Treat wood furniture with a quality cleaner (such as Guardsman) and soft cloth or wipe it with treated non-scratching cloths, dry it and polish it to protect the surface until it's back in circulation.

Pack small items into clear, well-labeled plastic tubs
Put like items together in sturdy plastic containers. Again, plastic is preferable. Use the color-coded labeling system to maintain organization. Uniform-sized tubs will stack well.

  • Wash all comforters and sheets before packing them away in a zippered plastic bag. These can also be packed in a plastic tub. Consider throwing a dryer sheet in to keep these items smelling fresh while in storage.
  • Pillows, stuffed animals and blankets, especially those made of wool, should include an organic moth-deterrent in the container. (Again, a dryer sheet will keep everything fresh.)
  • Hard plastic knickknacks, coffee mugs or wall hangings/pictures should also be dusted before putting them in either a zippered plastic bag or plastic storage tub.

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