May 19 The Versatility of Dryer Sheets and Other Secret Tips

Here's a handy checklist to keep your Mini-Mac storage unit running efficiently, smelling fresh and discouraging unwanted insects.

Dryer sheets are a secret weapon:
Dryer sheets will keep your unit smelling clean and fresh. And tucked between boxes or laying on top of your plastic storage tubs, they will help keep spiders, ants and other pesky insects from nesting here. Replace them monthly for best results.

Charcoal in a saucepan:
Another seemingly "old wives' tale" can actually help absorb extra moisture in your unit. Place charcoal in a saucepan and leave it in your unit.

Drain all fuel from gas-powered machinery:
Gas tanks of leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other yard tools should be completely empty to avoid condensation (and prevent potential fires).

Leave a small space between the walls and your boxes or shelving:
This will prevent mold or mildew from forming and encourage ventilation. Be sure to also use wood pallets or metal shelving to keep boxes up, off of the floor.

Use like-sized plastic storage boxes or tubs:
Uniform sizes make them easy to stack vertically, providing more space for you to store additional items.

Use mattress covers:
These come in all sizes and can keep your mattresses and box springs dust free while in storage. (Alternatively, you can use fitted sheets to keep the top and bottom dust free.)

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