Jun 14 Special Care for Leather Furniture

You want to retain the feel and touch of your fine leather furniture while it is in your Mini-Mac storage unit. Leather furniture can be delicate, and its oils can dry out, causing it to crack or tear easily. So here are some tips to protect your beloved leather furniture.

Clean and condition it before storing
Plan ahead and give yourself a few days to clean and condition your leather furniture. It must be thoroughly dry before you put it in your storage unit. To clean it, wipe it down with a dry cloth and use a low-suction vacuum. Use a leather cleaner and then conditioner (you can buy both items at a home improvement store) to gently lift any stains and then protect it by conditioning, so it does not dry out.

Cover with cotton blankets or sheets
Since leather is a natural fabric, it needs to breathe. Wrap it in a soft cotton blanket or sheets to prevent dust and dirt from getting into crevices. Never wrap your leather furniture in plastic.

Do not place items on top of your leather furniture
Resist the temptation to place even lightweight boxes on top of your leather furniture. Heavy boxes can significantly damage leather cushions and could potentially scratch or rip the upholstery.

Do not store food near your leather items
If you need to temporarily store food in your unit, be sure to keep it away from your leather furniture. Because once the food is gone, any insects or rodents that may have snuck in might then turn to the natural fabric of your leather sofa or chairs.

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