Jun 16 Prevent Moisture Damage

Excess dampness in your Mini-Mac storage unit can promote the growth of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion. Your possessions that are especially vulnerable include photos, electronics, leather, wood, clothing and mattresses. To help ward off moisture or water destruction, follow these tips.

Never store anything that is damp or wet
Before packing your items away for storage, make sure they are thoroughly dry. Anything that is damp or wet will add to the moisture level in your Mini-Mac storage unit.
Make sure any outdoor sports equipment, such as surf boards or scuba gear, is dry.
Clothing must be dry.

Add desiccant packs, charcoal or kitty litter
Use fabric to create a desiccant pouch and fill it with moisture-absorbing silica crystals. Or buy them at a home goods or big-box store. Hang this pouch or several desiccant packs in your unit. Another natural alternative to desiccant packs is charcoal briquettes. Place them inside a pail or basket lined with plastic or foil. Charcoal stains are hard to remove, so be sure to use a buffer. Also, make sure you do NOT use charcoal briquettes that are pre-soaked in lighter fluid. A third choice is kitty litter. Just open a small bag of kitty litter in your storage unit and the clay will absorb moisture in the air. For optimum freshness, change it monthly.

Wrap your possessions
Be sure to thoroughly wrap and cover all furniture and mattresses. Clean and dry all clothing (including furs) before hanging it inside wardrobe boxes.

Use wooden pallets to keep boxes off the floor
Keep your precious possessions up and off the floor with wooden pallets. This will help dissipate condensation in your storage unit.

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