Jul 20 Packing Dishes for Long-Term Storage

If you have inherited a special collection of Limoges china or are a collector of several china patterns, storing them safely and properly will keep them in good condition for future holidays and celebrations.

Wrap each plate or cup individually
Wrap each piece in bubble wrap, packing paper, old newspapers or acid-free paper. Use an ample amount to ensure that every part of the plates, bowls, cups and saucers or tea servers are completely covered. Seal them up with packing tape.

Pack your dishes in well-padded boxes
In addition to wrapping each piece of china carefully, add additional bubble wrap, cotton towels or acid-free paper to the boxes you are storing them in. The more paper or protection surrounding your china items, the more insulated the items will be. So, when you want to grab your place settings out of your unit to use for a special occasion, they can be safely transported with no extra effort required.

Nest smaller dishes in larger ones
Put plates, saucers and bowls on their sides when you pack them and glasses with their rims down. You can nest smaller dishes in larger ones, but only if they're properly wrapped. Again, make sure there is extra padding in the boxes and seal them tightly.

Take special care of expensive pieces
For those heirloom and very valuable china items, pack and store them in specialized dish packs, also known as dish barrels. They are a bit more costly than ordinary containers, but they are made of a double layer of corrugated cardboard. Their thicker walls provide a much better overall protection for fragile items.

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