Aug 23 Our Number-One Tip

Make sure all items are clean and dry prior to storing them.
When you put your beloved items into your Mini-Mac Storage Unit, arguably the most important thing you can do is clean them well. This tip includes everything from appliances to clothing, antiques to camping gear and sports equipment to furniture.

  • If it is fabric, does it have pet hair, food remnants or dirt on it?
  • Is the appliance wiped down well and free of debris?
  • Do the sweaters or special dresses have stains that need attention before putting them away?
  • Does the camping gear have remnants of mud or stains on it?

Depending upon the type and the volume of items you plan to store, you may need to begin the cleaning process several weeks in advance to get it all in tip-top shape. Wash, dust, de-stain, clean and dry any items prior to storage.

Thoroughly drying items is key.
If you put wet clothing, upholstered chairs or sofas, or sports equipment in your unit, it could encourage mold and mildew. It will also create an unpleasant smell in your unit and potentially attract insects or pests. Ensuring that items such as appliances are dry is also pertinent to maintaining a safe environment in your unit. So, take the extra time and effort to make sure everything is thoroughly dry before adding it to your storage unit.

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