Aug 27 Check Your Unit Regularly

Although your items are stored safely in your Mini-Mac Unit, it's still a good idea to stop by occasionally and check on everything. If you've had your storage unit for a while, you probably have everything organized in an orderly and well-labelled fashion. But when you add or remove something from your unit, it's a good opportunity to reassess your storage system. Ask yourself questions, including:

  • Are the items that should be up off the floor on pallets?
  • Is that leather couch or antique chest of drawers covered with a clean white cotton sheet?
  • Are your boxes securely closed and the items identified by color-coded index cards?

This is also a chance to rearrange the internal aisles in a way that makes more sense if you've shifted what you are storing. If boxes are cracked and need to be replaced or you want to refresh the inside of the boxes with new dryer sheets, take this opportunity to do so. If any new "friends" (insects/pests) are lurking in your unit, this is also a chance to put an end to their residence before they settle in. Checking on your unit makes you aware of a problem as it occurs. Just take a little time on a regular basis to pop in and do a quick inventory of everything you're storing in your Mini-Mac Unit. Knowing your belongings are in optimal condition will give you added peace of mind.

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