Sep 14 Refresher for Packing Your Unit

As summer transitions to fall, this is an ideal time to take a closer look at your Mini-Mac storage unit. Each time you add or edit items from your unit is an opportunity to better organize everything. And if you are filling your storage unit for the first time, this is your chance to do it right from day one.

Put items that you will need access to more often toward the front of your unit. Relegate those you can live without for a while in the back. When it comes to storing your valuables, think vertically. Stack your belongings up rather than across your unit. Keep heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter weight boxes on top.

Remember to utilize pallets on the floor to keep items up off the floor just in case of a water issue. Leave a pathway from the front to the back of the unit so nothing is inaccessible. Aisle-ways are your friend.

Make sure treasured items are adequately wrapped or covered for storage. Cover furnishings with blankets or white cotton sheets, not plastic that traps moisture. Carefully wrap fragile items in packing paper or newspaper before putting them in boxes. Remember never to store anything perishable, including food items or plants. These could encourage insects and rodents to invade.

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