Jul 22 Top Storage Questions

When deciding what to put in your Self Storage Unit, there are some things to consider protect your investments, and to make the best use of your space and arrangement for ease of access. Click to learn more about our recommendations and tips.

Jul 20 Packing Dishes for Long-Term Storage

If you have inherited a special collection of Limoges china or are a collector of several china patterns, storing them safely and properly will keep them in good condition for future holidays and celebrations. Continue reading to learn more about our storage recommendations.

Jun 16 Prevent Moisture Damage

Excess dampness in your Mini-Mac storage unit can promote the growth of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion. Your possessions that are especially vulnerable include photos, electronics, leather, wood, clothing and mattresses. To help ward off moisture or water destruction, follow these tips.

Jun 14 Special Care for Leather Furniture

You want to retain the feel and touch of your fine leather furniture while it is in your Mini-Mac storage unit. Leather furniture can be delicate, and its oils can dry out, causing it to crack or tear easily. So here are some tips to protect your beloved leather furniture.

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