Feb 03 Long-term Self-Storage Tip

Whether you’re storing used furniture for the kids when they venture off to college, or need storage space for an automobile, boat, or laundry and dryer. There are some best practices for long-term storage that will ensure your items endure the span of time, operate and smell good - once taken out of storage.

Dec 30 Storage Tip – Make Sure Everything is Dry

If you are storing a refrigerator, a washing machine, or a dishwasher, these items can hold water in them even if they are disconnected. By properly draining your appliances before storing, you are ensuring your valuables stay dry and free of water damage and mold.

Dec 30 Storage Tip – Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Storing your items in vacuum sealed bags protects your items from moisture damage, it also protects them from pests, such as moths, as well as dust. When ready for use, vacuum sealed items are as fresh as the day they were stored, saving you on laundry as well!

Nov 15 Storage Tip – Disassemble to Maximize Space

Do you have a smaller storage unit, but need to store multiple belongings? Disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart and put back together. By disassembling these larger pieces of furniture, you'll create space for other items that cannot be disassembled.

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