May 11 Storage Tip - Lamps

Remove lamp shades from the lamb base, remove light bulbs and wrapped to protect during storage. Removing bulbs from your lamps while ensure that the bulb is ever broken off inside your lamp - causing difficulty in removing the bulb's threaded base from the lamp and also protect you from cuts that may occur fro

May 07 Storage Tip - Books

When storing books, place them flat on their side to avoid damaging the spin of your books. Ensure all items you intend to store are not wet or damp to avoid mold and mildew which could harm and/or damage your books and other times.

May 02 Storage Tip - Prevent Fires

When storing small engine equipment, it's a good practice to drain the gasoline and oil to protect your property and the property of others from the potential dangers of fire and/or explosion.

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