Self-Storage Tips

Tips for organizing and packing your belongings for storage, to get the most out of your storage unit, and ensure an easy and safe process.

Oct 20 How to Store Halloween Décor and Costumes

From front-porch flying bats and ghouls to life-sized skeletons and coffins, Americans are spending more than ever on Halloween decorations and costumes. If you have a scary collection of décor and costumes to store and pull out each Halloween, you'll want to follow these tips to keep them in optimal shape.

Oct 19 Safely Store Your Extra Garage Equipment and Items

Use your storage unit to shelter out of season equipment or hobby items that you might otherwise keep in your garage. If you have a carpentry project, for example, that you know you won't get to for a few months, move the wood and tools to your unit – and park your vehicle in your garage.

Sep 30 Safely Store Your Computer and Electronic Equipment

If you are in the process of moving, your storage unit is an ideal place to safely store your electronic technology. Before you move any technology, take a quick photo of the back of the item so you will know how to reconnect the wires when you're ready to set it up in your new residence.

Sep 29 Help Stage and Sell Your Home by Storing Excess Items

If your closets are bursting with clothing, shoes, bedding and towels, select what you need and pack the rest in labeled boxes. Also consider overstuffed drawers or cabinets in your kitchen or home office. You can store and move these beloved items to your new home once a sale is finalized.

Aug 18 Protect Your Seasonal Outdoor Furniture in Your Storage Unit

Your outdoor patio furniture is an investment and it will last a long time when you properly protect it. Before you move your furniture to your storage unit, remove any cushions or fabric covers and launder them.

Aug 17 Store Your Camping or Outdoor Sports Gear

Consider keeping your backpacks, tents, campfire chairs and other outdoor equipment toward the front of your storage unit. You may want to store it now but grab it quickly when the next adventure calls.

Jul 14 Strategically Position the Items in Your Storage Unit

Think about your storage unit like a large pantry – what might you need to access most frequently? Organize your items in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Jul 06 The Best Way to Clean Items Before Storing

Many of the items you store will be put away for a while. Cleaning them thoroughly before moving them into your storage unit will help maintain their value.

Jun 29 Create A Detailed Inventory List of Your Storage Items

Before you pack your valuable items away to store, create a detailed inventory list. Keep an electronic copy of the inventory on file for quick reference and also print out a couple copies and put them away in different places or pass one onto a loved one for safe keeping.

Jun 23 Color Code Your Storage Bins

When you buy bins of like size and shape, you can stack them like a tower. And when they are clear, you can get a quick glimpse of the items inside. While you can keep similar bins in one area of your storage unit, when you color code them, your storage items will be easier to locate at a glance.

May 30 Making an Aisle

Once you pick a storage unit and begin the move in process, you may be tempted to throw everything in your unit as quickly as possible. Don't forget to make an Aisle down the middle of your storage unit.

May 29 College Student Storage Tip

Do you have a college student home for the summer or just need to store things for the short term? The first thing to decide is how much you have that needs storage, and how much space you need to keep this in for the short or long term.

Apr 30 Golden Rule of Packing

One golden rule of packing is to always put the heavy items in smaller boxes. This means books, electronics, that hand painted cement gnome your Aunt Betty gave you, anything that requires storage and has a lot of weight to it.

Apr 29 Spring Cleaning Storage Space

This time of year many people are working on an annual spring cleaning activities. This could also lead to an increase in storage units being rented. Due to that possibility, this tip will be geared more toward those who are new to self storage.

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